Learn English in English!

Imagine if your child were to learn English in a way that combines the British tradition with American creativity and Australian openness.


If your child goes to an English kindergarten, attends bilingual school, is a native English speaker, or has already gotten a taste of the English language, you are more than welcome at our English language after-school, LEE Academy.

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What we offer?

Open your eyes to the miracles of learning English!

Our method is uniquely different from any others. Our special curriculum develops self-expression and creativity. During the interactive lessons, we encourage students to learn the curriculum by experience. We might make cookies together, or give the children tasks for a whole week requiring sustained responsibility. Our visually engaging and state-of-the-art tools make it possible to love learning languages by not even thinking about learning them, but instead enjoying the process.

Children from the same age groups can joyfully learn the language by improving their strengths and balancing their weaknesses as the long term goal is to make them think in English. By achieving this they can even watch cartoons on a tablet because they will do it in English. We also offer applications which develop given areas of the language by taking advantage of their interest and curiosity. Moreover, the older children will stop singing their favourite song of their favourite American singer without knowing the lyrics but by actually understanding the words and expressions.

We do not teach subjects related to different topics as it gives children the impression of doing compulsory tasks and homework. Children are born with an independent and unique desire for learning and we base our method on that.

“We were born to learn.”

( Lini, 6 years)

Teachers are facilitators of children’s learning. Our creative curriculum gives children the opportunity to do activities only initiated by the teachers for them. The process of learning should be in the focus rather than the goals, although achievements should be properly rewarded. We believe that children should be allowed to learn in their own way and rhythm. Free and guided games hold the key to a fulfilling life. Children should get a chance to be creative and learn to think “outside the box”.

We want children to be excited about learning and having fun at the LEE after-school. We create an environment where options are endless and inspirational; the desire for creativity gets wings; and where parents are involved in their children’s education. This is another activity for the family, one more reason to spend time together that includes reading, chatting and learning English together.

At the LEE Academy, children, parents and teachers make ONE team.

Our Team

We choose our teachers and staff based on strict criteria. They dare to be a kid; seize  opportunities for new ideas; are dedicated to their work; team workers; and easily utilize the policies of LEE while creating new rules with the children if necessary. They are open-minded and produce a creative environment and a peaceful classroom. If teachers work wisely, it can help children forget about everyday problems at LEE Academy. They arouse children’s interest instead of giving orders; are able to dissolve tension by not letting children alone when they need attention. They give help all the time; teach with stable lesson plans; are always happy and  - most importantly - they love children.


Our teachers establish a caring and sensitive relationship with your child; will continuously watch and help them; and will provide you with written feedback every time.

Our staff attends professional courses, as well as trainings about child first aid every year.


Marianna Dr. Illésné Meskó

Managing Director


The foundation of effective language learning is regularity, therefore we would like everybody to find the groups best suited for their own schedule.

We - primarily - welcome children who have learnt English before or are native English speakers. Our goal is to give kids self-confidence and openness, and to teach them to think in English in a way that they can discover their own strengths. We teach them how to appreciate others while also learning to appreciate themselves. We are committed to bringing the highest quality into early childhood education and care for the children and their families coming to us. We believe that a curriculum customized for the age-related characteristics of children is crucial. Besides this, an educated and well-informed staff, and a stable, loving, learning environment are the keys to a quality child-centered English language training program.

Here is what LEE Academy offers to your child!



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